About Me

     Originally from Hawai'i, it was easy for Makena to be truly inspired by the beauty and people surrounding her when she was given her first Nikon from her mother at thirteen years old. She began developing film in the darkroom and continued into the digital world as she went onto graduate with a B.A. in Commercial Advertising from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. Her background has given her a well-rounded education in professional lighting techniques and advanced retouching, which allows her to achieve the highest quality photos. She has worked with several well-known photographers over the years in developing her own style.
     Makena has embraced her passion as a professional photographer & retoucher in Newport Beach, photographing and retouching everything from high-end weddings, real estate, fashion, to sports & events.  She has a thriving retouching business, Advanced Retouching, LLC, whose clients include Nike, Hurley, Converse, Toms Shoes, Guess Jeans, Christian Siriano, Nordstrom, Topson Downs, and many more brands.  She has many retouching publications in several magazines including Vogue Italia, Vanity Fair, Flaunt Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Traveler Magazine, C Magazine, Black Book, Women's & Men's Health Magazine, and Snowboarder Magazine.
     You'll find Makena kayaking in the summer, avidly snowboarding in the winter, and traveling in her spare time!


Based in Newport Beach, Makena has a full photography studio with model or mannequin as well as her retouching business to be all you need in one!  She is available to travel anywhere to shoot your real estate property, wedding, event, or portrait!

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